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  • Boulton v Campbell

    Posted on May 11th, 2010 admin No comments

    My apologies for not blogging as frequently as I should recently. I’ve been distracted by a whole range of things - I know it is no excuse. Of course the election and the on-going wrangle of who will be the PM and who will be the Government, and if it will make any real difference to us, has been rumbling on.

    The funniest thing I have seen is the increasing tension between Sky frontman Adam Boulton and Labour spin doctor Alistair Campbell. It all blew up yesterday but as you’ll see from the Round 1 clip the bad feeling clearly runs deeps. Enjoy. If you want to get to the main action on the top clip move the slider to about 3.55.


    Boulton v Campbell (The Re-Match)



    Boulton v Campbell (Round 1)

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