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  • JOB - Senior Information Security and Compliance Officer - £31k/£36k - Leicester

    Posted on February 7th, 2011 admin No comments

    University of Leicester - Senior Information Security and Compliance Officer - £31k/£36k - Leicester

    Closing date: 23/2/11

    Join our expanding team at an exciting time. We’ve been given a wider mission to support the University in this challenging area, helping to manage risk without stifling innovation and progress. You have a deep understanding of information security standards and legislation and will be able to give balanced advice. You are confident in your interactions with others. You enjoy analytical thinking and applying your knowledge to find solutions for them. You are able to explain complex issues in clear, accessible language. Part of the role will involve being an ambassador for the University in dealings with the public making requests under Freedom of Information and Data Protection.

    Job link [here]

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